brake pads - “K5” material


A sintered friction material comprising a very sophisticated bronze-graphite full-metal mixture formulation with uniformly indispersed very fine grade metal friction particles, that is suitable for both dry and wet friction applications. This formulation has been developed to provide the absolute optimum braking performance and durability under world class WGP Motocross and Enduro racing usage conditions.
materiál "K5"
High static friction coefficient.
Good abrasive resistance, and self cleaning capability.
High braking power to 500°C. (750°C. in bursts).
The sintered friction material is soldered to the copper coated backing plate, so separation (which can happen with organic material) is virtually eliminated as a failure risk.
Low abrasive interaction with the brake rotor material.
Three(3) times +/- longer operational life compared to organic and Kevlar composite materials.
„K5” friction material is Lead and Asbestos free.
Specific pressure: P < 2.0 Mpa.
Sliding velocity:Sliding velocity: V < 20 m.s-1
Constant maximum temp: 500 °C
Short time maximum temp.: 750 °C
Replacement of brake pads should be done in dry clean conditions, and prefereably by a professionally qualified person. If the friction material comes into contact with oil or brake fluid and the liquid soaks into the pores of the friction material, a catastrophic fall in friction coefficient (braking performance) could occur.
Braking performance is significantly influenced by the quality of the braking surface of the Disc rotor, by the age and quality of the brake fluid, and by the correct choice of Complementary friction pad material.
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